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“Lost” + “Baywatch” = Perfection


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03 2010

OK Go “This Too Shall Pass” – Wow.

OK Go has created another viral video jaw-dropper…I’ve always loved these “Mousetrap”/Rube Goldberg chain-reaction videos – this one takes the genre to a whole other level.  Sit back and enjoy – I guarantee you’ll watch it until the very last frame.


03 2010

This Pussy Has Some Serious Balls

I’m not really a cat person, but this one RULES.  Check out what happens when a bear pays this family a visit…wow.

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01 2010

In Steve Urkel Voice: “Did I Do That???”

I can’t tell if this video is real or fake, but regardless, it’s out of control!  (Skip to 0:30)…

UPDATE:  Apparently the video IS real.  The accident happened in a stock room in Moscow, and resulted in a $150,000 loss of vodka and cognac!  There is literally nothing I hate more than wasting $150,000 worth of alcohol…


11 2009

Your Life Could Be SO Much Worse

Economy in the toilet? A losing war in the Middle East? You just got dumped?

Sure, it may seem like nothing’s going your way, but life isn’t half as bad as the struggles the people in this video have to face on a daily basis. The incredible site Everything is Terrible has compiled all the dreary “before” videos from infomercials. It’s hilariously awful and relentless. Go ahead and imagine living through this hellish life, and you’ll feel SO much better about your own.


09 2009

The Original Party Animals – Alcoholic Vervet Monkeys

I know who I’m inviting to the next unlimited-drinks brunch at Philip Marie, Bone Lick Park, or Absinthe Wine Bar.  Alcoholic Vervet Monkeys!  Actually, better yet, I think I’ll take a trip to their hangout in St. Kitts & Nevis and join their party.  Looks like they know how to have a good time…

Check out this fascinating clip from the BBC show, “Weird Nature”.   

A Twisted “Full House” Re-imagination

This REALLY made me laugh for some reason.  I won’t be able to do it justice, so just check it out.  Poor Michelle!!!

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08 2009

Pee in the Shower! Save the World!

Recycle your paper and plastic?  Check.  Buy an energy efficient car?  Check.  Pee in the Shower?  Cheque!?! (that’s “Check” in Portugese)

A new PSA running in Brazil from environmental group SOS Mata Atlantica urges viewers to skip peeing in the toilet and wasting a flush…instead – why not pee in the shower?  We’ve all done it before (only once or twice, right?), and when you really think about it, it does make sense.

Check out the ad below – even without understanding what the voiceover is actually saying, it’s really entertaining – and look out for Michael Jordan multitasking between a slam dunk and peeing.

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08 2009 – Look Ma, I’m Overexposed!

Want to see your face plastered up on a billboard in Taipei?   What would it look like to see one of the most famous celebrities in the world with a tattoo of your face?  Uploading photos of yourself and your friends to a site that then creates images, e-cards, and animated films starring you (ie JibJab) is nothing new – and who can forget the original Office Max “Elf Yourself” campaign from a few years ago?

But the static photos and simple animations that Photofunia generates from your images are at a higher quality than I’ve seen before.  And to be honest, those more involved animated films from companies like JibJab, while absolutely fun and entertaining, are sometimes a bit too long.  Photofunia images are professionally manipulated (the shading and effects are top-notch), and easy to create…with everything online lately getting quicker and shorter 140 characters at a time, these images do the trick.

Check these out – the dress isn’t on sale yet….sorry ladies.

Thanks for the tip, Matty


07 2009

Exclusive! The Latest Celebrity Sex Tape! La Tartaruga!

OK…I definitely debated what my first post should be.  In theory it might set the tone for the entire blog.  I stressed about this for a few days, until I came across this video – ok, it’s a bit lowbrow…but sometimes lowbrow works, right?

In today’s celebrity-obsessed culture, having a sex tape can be a one-way ticket to stardom.  I don’t need to insult your pop-culture knowledge by reminding you about Pam, Paris, Kim, etc.  Even Bruno tried to do the nasty with Ron Paul on camera in an attempt at notoriety.

Now animals are getting in on the action.  After a brief chase, this Italian Stallion-turtle proves he knows all the right moves to make his guma happy.  Just look at her expression – it’s priceless.  My only issue with him is that he’s a bit of a camera hog – the little narcissist is on-camera for about 95% of the video.  Come on, share some of the spotlight.


07 2009