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The Ultimate Radical/Tubular/Gnarly 80′s Party…

I think I just got killed by a Koopa and went to heaven.
(Click the image to maximize retro goodness)

Look at the girly drink Optimus Prime is sipping…what a wuss.
-via Unique Daily


04 2010

100 Years of Wow

Check out this video montage of movie special effects from the past 100 years. It’s stunning to see how far technology has come. It’s also crazy to think how filmgoers in the early 20th century were absolutely WOWED at effects that today we’d consider hilariously primitive and corny.

-Chunnel TV via Buzzfeed

This video reminded me of how much I LOVED “Tron” as a kid. Take a look at these two trailers. The first one is for the original 1982 film, and the second is for the 3-D sequel, “Tron Legacy”, coming out next year. I can’t wait!


08 2009