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People Who Have Too Much Time On Their Hands #432: ‘Toothpick San Fran Ball Path’ Builder

This is outrageous and completely fascinating. This guy built a HUGE model of San Francisco out of toothpicks that doubles as a rolling path for ping pong balls. Have a look as he takes you on a tour of his massive creation –

-via Random Good Stuff

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05 2011

Don’t Have A Life? Have A Google Streetview Race!

These two guys spent 90 hours (!!!) to race across the country from San Fran to New York using Google Streetview.  They furiously clicked their mouses a total of 104,000 times, which is about 104,000 more times than they’ve gotten action with the ladies.

-via Geekologie


01 2011

Yet Another Tilt-Shift Video: San Francisco

These videos just keep coming, and each one is dare-I-say ‘cuter’ than the next.  I know, I know…’cute’ is a horrible word, but tilt-shifting make cities undeniably adorable.  Enjoy:

-via Dooby Brain

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10 2010