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Old School Scrapbooking Meets New School Animation

This action packed stop-motion video is made up of dozens of images of skateboarders cut out of various magazines.  This ain’t your mother’s scrapbooking:

-via Neatorama


08 2010

Dirty Cars Can Be Beautiful Too

When Scott Wade’s car gets dirty, he doesn’t race off to an overpriced carwash.  Using only his fingers and a few brushes, he designs elaborate artworks on dusty car windows – the results are stunning.

-Dirty Car Art via Digg


07 2010

Stop-Motion Artist Blu Has Done It Again

We’ve seen Blu’s work here before…he’s known for impressive large-scale animations that often take weeks to complete.  His incredible new video is called “Big Bang Big Boom”, which he describes as “an unscientific point of view on the beginning and evolution of life…and how it could probably end.”

-via Metafilter


07 2010

How Many Hairstyles Have YOU Had In 8 Years?

If you’ve “surfed the Internet” before, you’ve no doubt seen a video of a someone who’s taken a picture of themselves every day for a year and then edits the photos into a sappy montage set to life-affirming “American Beauty”-style xylophone music.  Maybe it’s the improved music, maybe it’s the way his hair has a life of its own…but this time-lapse video puts the others to shame.  This guy took a photo of himself every day for 8 years.  I haven’t worked on any project for more than 6 continuous months, let alone 8 YEARS, so if anything, he deserves an award for that.  It also confirms that every guy has tried sporting a mustache at least once in his life, with 95% of us realizing after a few days that we look like massive idiots.

Living My Life Faster – 8 years of JK’s Daily Photo Project from JK Keller on Vimeo.

-From via @9swords


05 2010

Diane Birch “Valentino” = Creativity In One-Take

Music videos are having a sort of creative renaissance lately, and I’m starting to remember why I used to love them so much way back in yesteryear.  First came OK Go’s Rube Goldberg-esque video for “This Too Shall Pass”…then Lady Gaga & Beyonce made incarceration look hot in “Telephone”.  Next up, it’s a much more understated but equally impressive video from Diane Birch called “Valentino”.  The video is one continuous take, and it took two weeks of intense rehearsals to perfect it.  Enjoy:

Take a look at this behind-the-scenes split screen video to see exactly how precise and detail-oriented Diane and her band needed to be to pull this off:

-via Buzzfeed


04 2010

Blacking Out Can Sometimes Be A Good Thing…

Most writers and artists start with a blank page and then fill it up with their creations.  But Austin Kleon does things his own way…in reverse.  He takes pages from newspapers and then blacks out the words that get in the way of what he wants to say.  The resulting poems are unique and often profound – they’re part of his brand new book released today, Newspaper Blackout. Here are some of my favorites:  (Who said newspapers are dead?)

“A House in Texas”

“All You Can Do”

“A Household Name”

“His Beard”

“The Twist”

“The Pursuit of Landscaping”

Here’s a quick time-lapse video of Austin creating one of his poems:

Austin also oversees a Tumblr blog where he gives tips and advice on making Newspaper Blackout poems.  The blog also features some of the best pieces submitted by regular Joes.  If you have the urge to get creative with a black marker and a newspaper, head on over to the blog and share your poems with the world.

-Buy Newspaper Blackout on Amazon


04 2010

A Geeky Zelda Story To Lift Your Spirits

All that blind teenager Jordan Verner wanted to do was complete “Zelda: Orcarina of Time” on Nintendo 64…but he thought this was virtually impossible for someone who wasn’t able to see.  That was until three guys read about him on the internet and created an elaborate 100,000 keystroke script for him…all Jordan needed to do was follow the script exactly and he would finally get his wish.  Check out this unbelievably positive (and geeky!) story:

-via Neatorama


03 2010

Ultimate “Alice” Tattoo…Curiouser & Curiouser

I’ve been a huge fan of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ for as long as I can remember…the trippy visuals, maniacally insane characters, and twisted logic left a mark on my impressionable brain (and might have made me slightly crazy). But this superfan takes her “Alice”-obsession to a whole other level…wow. (Understandably, she decided not to include the famous phrase, “Eat Me”…)

-Designed by Holly Azzara / via Walyou

SIDENOTE: I’m cautiously optimistic about the upcoming Tim Burton “reboot”. As much as I appreciate Burton’s wild aesthetic, I thought his version of “Willy Wonka” (another childhood favorite of mine) was a total buzzkill. What do you think?


02 2010

Kinda Cool Cinema: 7 Incredible Stop-Motion Videos

There’s a special place in my geeky heart for stop-motion videos…not just because of their creative and technical accomplishments, but also because I’m incredibly jealous of the amount of time the creators have to make the vids.  I barely have 15 free minutes a day – probably not even enough time to make a crappy 1 second stop-motion sequence.

Here are 7 impressive videos that I absolutely love.  Sit back & enjoy:

“Roof Sex” – An oldie, but definitely my all-time favorite:

-via PES

“T-Shirt War”

-via Rhett & Link

“Michael Jackson vs. Mr. Bean”

Jackson vs Bean from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.

“Bad Apple” – extra bonus:  crazy J-pop music by Nomico

-via Neatorama

“The Fastest Yellow & Red” – a car chase that starts out slow and then gets INSANE

-via Video Sift

“A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything”

-via Gamma Squad

“Her Morning Elegance”

via Oren Lavie


02 2010

Sophisticated Art Masterpieces…Made With Lite-Brite

I remember spending countless hours spelling out bad words on my Lite-Brite (like ‘poop’).  The artists behind the masterpieces below probably spent their time more productively.

***Artist Joey Syta recently (and painstakingly) recreated a stunning tapestry from the 15th century called “Mon Seul Désir” (My Only Desire), which is part of famous series of tapestries called “The Lady and the Unicorn”.  This took 2 years to create and was made with 55,000 Lite-Brite pegs and 36 pegboards.



***The current world-record for the largest Lite-Brite creation is held by Lori Kanary who made this huge sneaker in conjunction with Asics.
(347,004 pegs)

-via Sneak Hype


***The 2nd largest Lite-Brite creation is a rendering of Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” designed by artist Mark Beekham.


***And finally, the 3rd biggest Lite-Brite masterpiece was also made by Lori Kanary (remember her from the Asics sneaker?) – it was creatively named “Giant Lite-Brite”, and was inspired by Monet’s “Impression Sunrise”.
(62,586 pegs)



02 2010