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5000 Guitar Picks Never Looked So Cool

This Jimi Hendrix portrait (made up of 5000 Fender guitar picks) sold at a charity auction a few weeks ago for $33,000.

-via Like Cool


04 2011

Take A Mind-Trip Down Memory Lane

Jacksonville based artist James Hance says his paintings scream out, “Childhood! It was amazing! I want it forever please!”.  The mind-bending juxtapositions he creates feel perfect – you just know that if Hendrix was alive today he’d be rocking a high score on “Guitar Hero”.  These are some of my favorites from James’ collection:

“Guitar Hero”

“The Mona Leia”

“The Man & The Man of Steel”

“Doozers Raising The Flag On Iwo Jima”

“Young Steins In Love”

“Alice – A Suitable Case For Treatment”

“Force By Northwest”

“Music & Me”

“Bert & Ernie (Picasso Style)

Be sure to check out more of James’ amazing work on Artbreak.  Many of his pieces are still for sale…


05 2010