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Were The “Goonies” Kids Really THAT Annoying?

Slashfilm unearthed a vintage 6-minute behind the scenes documentary about my ultimate favorite movie,”Goonies” – it’s funny to see how some of the kids were exactly like their characters (especially Data and Chunk). Also, how hilarious is it that the director, Richard Donner, basically wanted to kill himself every night because the kids drove him so crazy!? Child actors rule!


08 2009

100 Years of Wow

Check out this video montage of movie special effects from the past 100 years. It’s stunning to see how far technology has come. It’s also crazy to think how filmgoers in the early 20th century were absolutely WOWED at effects that today we’d consider hilariously primitive and corny.

-Chunnel TV via Buzzfeed

This video reminded me of how much I LOVED “Tron” as a kid. Take a look at these two trailers. The first one is for the original 1982 film, and the second is for the 3-D sequel, “Tron Legacy”, coming out next year. I can’t wait!


08 2009

The District 9 Prequel – Wow

I caught “District 9″ fever this past weekend – director Neill Blomkamp (we’ll be hearing a lot more from him in the future) created a film that goes way beyond a standard alien/sci-fi flick – it’s innovative, unique, inspiring, and familiar all at the same. It was based on Blomkamp’s short film “Alive in Joburg” – check it out below. If you’ve seen “District 9″, you’ll be surprised to see the “Prawns” doing some impressive tricks like effortlessly throwing cars and trucks with a “Star Wars”-esque force. Another interesting thing I read is that Blomkamp was actually asking the black South Africans in this film about Nigerians and Zimbabweans…NOT about aliens – that’s why the interviews feel so natural and authentic.

-Buzzfeed has compiled a few other short films and projects from Blomkamp, including this amazing Citroen advertisement:


08 2009