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Tiny Cardboard People = Small In Size, Huge In Pathos

Singapore artist Anton Tang has managed to breathe life into tiny cardboard boxes, creating miniature scenes with big emotional punches.  Enjoy:

“Be Careful”

“Lonely Hopscotch”


“Nothing Lasts Forever”

“Bumpy Ride”

“By Your Side”


-via Presurfer

Phew…that was an emotional rollercoaster.  If you think you can handle more, check out Anton’s site.  The little guys are actually called Danboard Figures, and are characters in a popular Japanese manga.  You can buy a plastic Danboard figurine here and create your own scenes of happiness, loneliness, and ultimately suicide!  Fun!

Or click here for a seedier type of miniature street art that I also love.


08 2010