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It’s Not The Size Of Your Cannon That Matters…

If I had this amazing little contraption when I was 8, I would have terrorized my next door neighbor’s Barbie Dream House until it came crumbling down in tiny pink pieces.


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08 2010

Things Being Destroyed Veeeeeery Slowly

Much cooler than the “Things Being Cleaned Up Very Slowly” video.

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08 2010

Finders Keepers, Losers…Eh, Let’s Just Break Stuff.

Do you remember the 80′s Nickelodeon game show “Finders Keepers”?  Lucky hyperactive kids trashed a fake 3-story house looking for clues & prizes – they carelessly dumped out drawers, maniacally ripped up couches, violently smashed vases, and all other sorts of beautiful mayhem.  I was obsessed.  Jog your memory:

Fast forward about 20 years…

A shopping mall in Shenyang, China, has just opened a “Venting Store” that keeps the destructive spirit of “Finders Keepers” alive and kicking hard.  Shoppers (only women at the moment) start by buying older but absolutely real electronics and appliances…they’re then given a helmut, gloves, and a baseball bat.

You can guess what comes next – a whole lot of smashing and Chinese-lady-screaming. So far, most of the customers have been white collar workers and college students stressed out about the economy and unemployment (sound familiar?).  The store is designed like a real house, so the women can fantasize about kicking the crap out of their own surroundings without having to vacuum up the mess.

We already import over $300 billion in Chinese products a year- let’s just include the “Venting Strore” idea in the overall package and call it a day.

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07 2010