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The Jaw-Dropping Pixar Zoetrope

I was lucky enough to see this animation display a few years ago at the MOMA’s Pixar exhibit, and it knocked my proverbial socks off.  Have a look:

-via Buzzfeed


01 2011

Even Roger Ebert Doesn’t Know WTF This Is About

Roger Ebert recently tweeted a link to this Japanese anime video with the comment, “I don’t know WTF it all means, but thumbs up to this brilliant short anime”.  I also have no idea what’s happening in this video, but it’s definitely kinda cool:



10 2010

The World’s Smallest Stop-Motion Video

Meet Dot, probably the tiniest heroine you’ve ever seen.  This stop-motion video was shot using Cellscope, a high-quality microscope that attaches to a cellphone camera.  The amount of patience and meticulousness that was needed to create this is truly mindblowing.

And just to drive home how impressive this is, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the production:

-via Metafilter


09 2010

Kinda Cool Music Video: “Baby I’m Yours” By Breakbot

French music producer Breakbot’s latest single “Baby I’m Yours” has a stunning video directed by Irina Dakeva.  It’s made up of over 2000 dreamy watercolor paintings…and the song is pretty good too.  Enjoy:

-from The Culturist (via Buzzfeed)


08 2010

Old School Scrapbooking Meets New School Animation

This action packed stop-motion video is made up of dozens of images of skateboarders cut out of various magazines.  This ain’t your mother’s scrapbooking:

-via Neatorama


08 2010

“Sensology”: Improvised Jazz Meets Abstract Animation

Artist Michel Gagne took the live improvised performance of two avant-guarde jazz musicians and visualized it into an abstract animation.  The hand-drawn film, “Sensology”, took over 4 years to create, and is creating buzz in the animation world after premiering a few weeks ago.  Enjoy:

(Barry Guy on Bass, Paul Plimley on Piano)
-via Metafilter


08 2010

‘Mortal Kombat’ Fatalities Never Looked So Adorable

If the phrase “Finish Him” means anything to you, you’ll love this paper stop-motion video of ‘Mortal Kombat’ brutal fatality moves.  I almost forgot what a tease Sonya was…she blows you a sweet looking kiss which ends up setting you on fire and burning you to a deadly crisp.  As if my fellow geeky gamers didn’t have a tough enough time with the ladies.

-via Geekologie


08 2010

You Get Vaseline! (Um…I Wanted A Car)

Oprah’s infamous car giveaway might put Tyra’s infamous vaseline giveaway to shame…but they’re both equally hilarious when crudely animated.  Trust me.

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07 2010

Stop-Motion Artist Blu Has Done It Again

We’ve seen Blu’s work here before…he’s known for impressive large-scale animations that often take weeks to complete.  His incredible new video is called “Big Bang Big Boom”, which he describes as “an unscientific point of view on the beginning and evolution of life…and how it could probably end.”

-via Metafilter


07 2010

Who Ever Said Nintendo Geeks Aren’t Creative?


Floppy Disk Mario

Toast Mario

Poker Chip Mario

Lego Mario

Soda Box Mario

Post-It Note Stop Motion Mario

Now THIS is incredible:

-via Joystick Division


06 2010