Sophisticated Art Masterpieces…Made With Lite-Brite

I remember spending countless hours spelling out bad words on my Lite-Brite (like ‘poop’).  The artists behind the masterpieces below probably spent their time more productively.

***Artist Joey Syta recently (and painstakingly) recreated a stunning tapestry from the 15th century called “Mon Seul Désir” (My Only Desire), which is part of famous series of tapestries called “The Lady and the Unicorn”.  This took 2 years to create and was made with 55,000 Lite-Brite pegs and 36 pegboards.



***The current world-record for the largest Lite-Brite creation is held by Lori Kanary who made this huge sneaker in conjunction with Asics.
(347,004 pegs)

-via Sneak Hype


***The 2nd largest Lite-Brite creation is a rendering of Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” designed by artist Mark Beekham.


***And finally, the 3rd biggest Lite-Brite masterpiece was also made by Lori Kanary (remember her from the Asics sneaker?) – it was creatively named “Giant Lite-Brite”, and was inspired by Monet’s “Impression Sunrise”.
(62,586 pegs)



02 2010


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